How to Apply for Rhodes Global Postgraduate Scholarships 2020

Rhodes Scholarship

Application Procedure For Rhodes Global Postgraduate Scholarship 2020

  1. You will not be able to submit your application for the Global Scholarship without prior nomination by your University. Each university has a limited number of nominations that they can make each year. You must register the most appropriate nominator via the application form. Once their nomination has been received, you will be permitted to submit your form.You can apply online from 01 June 2019 at via the scholarships tab.
  2. You must submit your application online, with all supporting documents, by 23:59Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 31 July 2019.
  3. In preparation for making your application, you should read carefully the general information, particularly that held on the Scholarships tab,on the Rhodes website, the Conditions of Tenure for the Rhodes Scholarship, the information in this document and the graduate admissions pages of the University of Oxford:
  4. Long listed candidates might be invited to attend a preliminary interview via Skype.e.Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a social engagement(a reception and dinner)and a final interview. You must be available to attend both, in person,as no accommodations can be made on date and time,or mode,of these events.Interviews will be held at Rhodes House, Oxford, UK in November. No candidate will be selected without an interview.

Candidates for the Scholarship invited for the final interview and residing outside of the United Kingdom may apply to the Rhodes Global Scholarships Administrator for financial assistance to travel from their country of origin, provided that the travel could not funded by their University or other sponsorship source.f.All applicants will be emailed with the outcome of their application

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